Los Angeles Attractions That You Can Visit On Vacation


There's nothing like a trip to LA, right? Okay, so there are many other great cities to visit in the US, but Los Angeles is definitely one of them. You're talking about the entertainment capital, a city that is always bustling. People of all ages and all walks of life come to LA to vacation and have some fun. When you get there, here are some of the attractions that you might be interested in visiting. 

The California Science Center is located at 700 Exposition Park Drive, and you're going to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor there. It is important that you need to book your passes online or on the phone ahead of time. There are many exhibits there to see, and the entire experience will be fun and educational. 

Where else might you want to go in LA? Well, a visit to Griffith Park would be nice for sure. Its address is 4720 Crystal Springs Drive. The park is over 4000 acres, and what's more is it can actually get crowded up there. You're going to see a really beautiful view of LA, too. People say it's great to visit Griffith Park at sunset. It should be mentioned that you have to pay for parking, but you probably expected that, seeing as it's LA. 

The Grove is one of the places to go shopping, and it's described as like a theme park for adults. Not only that, but there is even a chance you will experience that star sighting. The address is 189 The Grove Drive, and you're talking about an open air mall with a great selection of restaurants to choose from. There is even a Farmer's Market there. 

What about a stop by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art? The address for this museum is 505 Wilshire Boulevard, and it has been open since 1965. Reviews point to great exhibits, even one of works by Picasso. You will also see more contemporary and modern works of art. People say there are great restaurants nearby as well. There is a garden and some street lights that people talk about in the reviews that makes this place a great spot to visit at night and take pictures, too. 

Runyon Canyon Park is another LA attraction that you might want to visit. You're going to be in the Hollywood Hills when you visit this park. It's located right off of Mulholland Drive at 2000 North Fuller Avenue. Are you wanting to get a a good glimpse and picture of the Hollywood Sign? If so, this is a great place to stop. 

There are so many other stops to make in LA. You're going to see that when you get there, and it's a good idea to line some up for your to do list. That way you will know where you want to go. But save some room for spontaneity because there are all kinds of wonderful places to check out in LA. You're going to have a blast.